What is reponsive design?

Responsive web design is when your website  responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. In other words, when the website user makes use of a home desktop computer or a smartphone, your website should still present similar and remain user-friendly across all these devices.

Can you redesign my outdated website?

100% Yes! I would love to transform your website into a modern, responsive, and beautiful website that converts visitors into customers.

Can you assist, I need customised website functionality?

Sure do, if your requirements fall outside the scope of standard website design and function and include funcionality like an online-forum/community, golfclub with membership login etc. then I need to provide you with a customised quotation.

Share your ideas and let’s make it work.

Do you do logo design and copywriting?

I work with partners who are great at it, and I am  happy to handle the project for you and coordinate it with your website. Please let me know what ideas you have. 

How can I update my website after it is live?

I offer care plans to ensure your website is safe and stays fresh. If you wish to update and manage your website by yourself WebAmmo offers support for the first 30 days after the website is launched, thereafter we charge for changes and updates.

What if I don't take a website care plan?

The number one cause of website hacks is outdated WordPress , theme and plugin installations.

As a side note, on average 30 000 new websites are hacked every day. These websites are legitimate small businesses that are unknowingly distributing malware.

Also consider:

  • The time spend maintaining your website is taken away from your business.
  • A website that is slow and not optimised leads to a bad user experience and also a loss of search engine rankings.
  • You will have no backups or restore points if your website goes down or get hacked.
  • You won’t get a monthly report on how your website is performing.
What if my website gets hacked and I am not on a care plan?

We can assist to clean up your website at an approximate cost of R 5000.00 Then we can get you on one of the care plans.

What is premium hosting?

Enjoy the super-fast speeds of LiteSpeed Web Servers built with enterprise grade hardware, SSD and dual Xeon CPUs. We also use RAID to protect against hardware failures, so your data will always be safe. Our servers are hosted in the state of the art Samrand Xneelo Data Center. The data center offers a secure, climate controlled, energy efficient environment and is monitored 24/7.

We can also assist with migrating your existing website to our servers.

What if I need more storage?

Additional storage can be added at R20.00 per GB. We will let you know if you need more, depending on your websites’ needs. 

What is your setup and cancellation fees?

None whatsoever. We trust to be your long-term partner and look after your investment.

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